Connect is approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers with capabilities in the neighbouring countries of Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. As with all Tracker vehicle tracking devices, the unit is installed in a concealed position in your vehicle by a highly trained Tracker authorised technician. The device constantly communicates your vehicle's position every minute via GSM to Tracker's National Secure Operating Centre. Insight about your vehicle usage is gained via the location data and current position to deliver services that help you to manage the costs and risks associated with owning and using your vehicle.

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GSM And GPS Technology

Connect operates with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which means that we can locate your vehicle to an accuracy of within just five meters. GSM location based technology adds precision and reliability.

Vehicle Monitoring

Connect is always active as it communicates with our Secure Operating Centre every two minutes, with the frequency increased in the event of an emergency. Upon request, the technology allows for roaming if the vehicle travels outside South African borders.

Theft Retrieval

In the unfortunate event of your vehicle being stolen or hijacked, our Secure Operating Centre are able to locate your vehicle and deploy our theft retrieval crews to its location. With the cooperation and assistance of the SAPS, the thieves are apprehended and your vehicle is taken to a SAPS pound.

Movement Alert

Connect automatically provides an advanced warning to Tracker's Secure Operating Centre if the vehicle moves and is being towed or if the power supply to the device is interrupted.

SMS Position Request

SMS Position Request (SPR) allows you to request and receive the latest position and status of your vehicles through your cellular phone at any time of the day.

Zone Management

The interactive map on our web interface gives you personal geofencing management. You can create, edit and monitor safe zones and no go zones. By assigning them to each vehicle on your profile, you can preemptively manage the security of your vehicle and its occupants. The moment your vehicle goes outside of your safe zone or enters an area that you have determined to be high risk, you will be notified by SMS at a number you specify.

Web Interface

Connect is web based so you or your family can locate your vehicle online, any time you want, at no additional cost.

Reliable Reporting

Connect provides a report on your vehicle trips, a valuable tool for motor insurance, business mileage claims and tax returns

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