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Simple Yet Effective Vehicle Tracking And Security

Connect Lite is an entry level fleet management system with near real time online vehicle tracking using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Connect Lite is cost effective, simple and sturdy vehicle security system without advanced features as required by larger fleets. As with all Tracker products, Connect Lite is approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers. The tracking device communicates your vehicle's position constantly via GPS and GSM to Tracker's National Data Centre.

GSM and GPS Technology

Connect Lite makes use of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, allowing us to locate the exact position of your vehicle within just five metres. Communication is enabled via our advanced GSM technology.

Vehicle Monitoring

The vehicle tracking solution is constantly communicating with our National Data Centre, with increased frequency in the event of an emergency. Roaming can be allowed on request if the vehicle needs to travel outside of South Africa.

SMS Position Request

Request and receive the latest position and status of your vehicles through your cellular phone at any time of the day. You can personally activate and manage this service.

Zone Management

Create, edit and monitor safe zones and no-go zones using the interactive map on the dashboard. Assign geo-fencing to each vehicle on your profile to preemptively manage the security of your vehicle and its occupants. The moment your vehicle goes outside of your safe zone or enters a high-risk area, you will be notified by SMS.

Web Interface

Connect Lite is web-based so you or your family can locate your vehicle online at any time and at no additional cost.

Reliable Reporting

Access a report on your vehicle trips - a valuable tool for motor insurance, business mileage claims and tax returns.

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