Empower can be thought of as an intelligent fleet manager that's always active and constantly communicating with Tracker's control centre. This inventive device will inform you of any changes in driver behaviour in real time, provided your business has access to constant, high-speed Internet connectivity. A number of features enhance the capabilities, making it a great choice for businesses that need to manage their fleets remotely. Get Empower today and launch your fleet to the next level!Need some more details? These are some of the features you can expect from this fleet tracking solution.

An Empowered Fleet Manager

The fact that Empower is always active; means you will be receiving real-time information and data on your fleet whenever you need it. It's linked to Tracker's Secure Operating Centre and communicates with it every few minutes, with an option to increase this frequency in times of emergency.It operates on GPS technology, allowing us to pinpoint the location of your vehicle within a few metres. Other features include:
  • Advanced warning if the power supply to the fleet tracking device is lost
  • Advanced warning if the vehicle moves without the ignition being on
  • An optional assist button allows you to request remote assistance, as well as locate your vehicles online at any time at no cost
  • Convenient communication with drivers, as well as a “Please Call Me” button for drivers – no calls are made from the vehicle
  • Remote trip management inclusive of real-time alerts for route deviations

Comprehensive Fleet Tracking And Reporting

Empower is a fleet manager with a difference. Keep tabs on all vehicles at all times and gain insight into their efficiency with comprehensive reports. There is availability of historical and real-time data on driver behaviour, negligent driving, schedule infringements, route deviations, unauthorised stops and extended driving hours.You'll also have access to the following fleet tracking advantages:
  • Historical information playback, which can prove invaluable in investigative situations
  • Complete audit trail for each operator
  • Client information access where they can schedule delivery times and input arrival times
  • Notifications to any number of email addresses and mobile numbers for specific events.

Optional Accessories

You can also choose to have the following features added to your Empower account:
  • Fuel module that monitors your fuel levels remotely
  • Revs module that sets maximum revs per vehicle to improve efficiency
  • Affordable, remote voice kits
  • Driver identification tags
  • Cargo door sensing
  • Speed notification system to alert drivers when they've overstepped the speed limit

Get Empower today
and improve the efficiency of your fleet.

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