Optimise is your “best-in-class” fleet tracking solution for small to medium sized businesses, complete with a number of features that offer you absolute peace of mind, in partnership with TomTom WEBFLEET®. Track and trace your vehicles at any given time, deliver precise data on vehicle logs, investigate historical data and monitor or plan your vehicle's trips to precision. You'll also be able to use Optimise to reduce costs by making more informed business decisions based on your fleet vehicle tracking feedback.

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Web Interface

Our easy-to-use web interface gives you the ability to track and trace your vehicles at any given time. Monitor their performance in real-time and make educated decisions on how to cut costs by streamlining your fleets.


"Logbook" takes all the hassle out of logging mileage by offering a reliable system that can be accessed from your driver's smartphone or from the WEBFLEET® web app. Detailed trip data can be entered, separating business from personal giving you precise information for your tax returns and reimbursement purposes.

Vehicle And Fleet Management

Fleet vehicle tracking of live and historical movements is possible with full vehicle management. Define different groups for your fleets and receive overviews for each one. Maintenance intervals and the planning of garage visits can all be combined into this complete fleet management solution.

Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle monitoring is not just about tracking at a certain point in time; it's also about being able to deliver comprehensive, usable data via the web interface. Using the TomTom LINK's GPS and GSM technology, you can monitor the hours spent on the road. You can also generate reports on delivery times and time spent on location so that you can keep your customers informed regarding their deliveries.


Reporting is a key feature that offers businesses the data they need to improve and evolve their services. Optimise reporting gives over 20 report templates and detailed analyses, speed and mileage – all of which, to name a few, can be assessed for economical purposes. Define your own custom reports and integrate with your salary administration to save time while delivering inclusive reports.

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