Our Story

Tracker South Africa was established in 1996 as one of the foremost vehicle tracking companies in the country. One of our established partners, Lojack, invented mainstream vehicle tracking in the United States in 1986 and has since been responsible for hundreds of thousands of vehicle recoveries across the world. Being associated with such an incredible brand is what leveraged Tracker to success in our early days.

Vehicle Tracking Systems, South Africa

We merged with MobileData in 2007, which allowed us to introduce the SkyTrax range of products to the public. This merger also gave rise to us becoming the sophisticated technology driven company that we are today, offering the best in personal vehicle tracking and comprehensive fleet management to customers throughout Southern Africa. Our stolen vehicle recovery technology is currently being used in 30 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Our Partnerships Are Key

Partnerships and collaboration is key to the success of any business and Tracker is proud to be the only vehicle tracking company in South Africa to have a formal agreement with the South African Police Service. Through proactive partnerships such as this, combined with our advanced technology solutions we have been able to recover over 75 000 vehicles which currently equates to more than 500 recoveries per month and have arrested over 15 000 criminals to date. Caring about all South Africans is our passion and initiatives like this ensure the safety of our customers and giving them the freedom to drive.

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