Retrieve HD


Vehicle Tracking For Heavy Duty Vehicles

Criminals have been honing in on the costly heavy duty vehicles required for construction work. With some vehicles costing millions of rands, ensuring their protection is of utmost importance to prevent massive financial loss. Retrieve HD (Heavy Duty) is a newly launched construction vehicle tracking solution that is especially rugged and built for the tough conditions in which it needs to exist. Ideal for any construction vehicle, Retrieve HD can be installed on your bulldozers, forklifts, tractors and even vehicle trailers. Get Retrieve HD for your construction vehicles today.

Durable Device Housing

Retrieve HD is made with a rugged exterior to protect it in construction conditions. It has a waterproof, dust-resistant and chemical-resistant housing that is suitable for construction areas and withstanding the elements. The heavy-duty mounting also prevents damage from high vibrational activity associated with construction vehicles.

No Electrical Connection Required

Retrieve HD doesn't require connection to the electrical system of the vehicle. An internal battery pack provides several years worth of power and the ability to pinpoint vehicle location even if the vehicle isn't running. This is especially convenient when recovering vehicles over extended periods of time or in remote locations.

Vehicle Tracking Activation

Once the construction vehicle tracking device has been activated, it will transmit a reply code signal to Tracker's Vehicle Tracking Units (VTUs). VTU monitors will display the code and associated signal strength and 360 degree directional indicators, updating regularly to show the location of the stolen construction vehicle. Get Retrieve HD for your construction vehicles today.


For You

Theft Retreival
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Tracker's extensive recovery network in partnership with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to enhance our vehicle recovery capabilities.



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